Guitar lessons

During class


General concepts

Initially the lessons on the acoustic and the electric guitar are practically the same. This means that the necessary basic skills and techniques are the same from the start. The tutorial material goes hand in hand with the cognitive, physical and coordinative processes of the student on his or her instrument. In fact: all beginners have to go through a certain preparatory course. Apart from the necessary skills, the students also have to learn the rudimentary music theory from the beginning. Moreover, they have to hear and recognize intervals and rhythm patterns.

The methods and curriculum go hand in hand with the student's perception, his or her imagination and knowledge of the music. The methods applied, are used according to their age and stages of development, It should also include the process of reading notes fluently. It speaks for itself that a significant level of reading skill can be achieved through a systematized approach even in a remedial context. In fact, students should learn to apply music theory on their instruments in such a way that they develop an awareness and a feeling of the sound on their instrument. In the long run the teacher can even help the student in creating and develop his or her own style.

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