About Jim


Jim Gorissen, (Stein, the Netherlands, 1951) began playing the guitar and arranging music as a boy of thirteen. He started performing in a rock band at this time. He took up guitar lessons and music theory at the local School of Music and started having piano lessons as well when he was fifteen years of age. He played in many Rock and Blues bands in the Sittard-Geleen area and in Heerlen. Later on he studied classic guitar with Albert Hempe, an excellent guitarist and a teacher at the School of Music in Heerlen. It was Albert Hempe who laid the foundation for Jim's further study at the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht. Jim discovered Jazz music at the age of eighteen and was fascinated by its rhythm right from the start. The rhythm, as a driving spirit, was to fascinate him for rest of his life.

He studied Classical Guitar with Guus Dresens and Jazz with Joep van Leeuwen and took also lessons from John Thomas (Berklee) in Aachen, Germany. Subsequently he took several private lessons from Garrison Fewel (Berklee) At a later stage he encountered "World Music". He focussed mainly on The Latin American Music, this led to his search for the jazz element in this style. Brazilian music with its rhythmic drive and swing got his attention. The syncopated rhythm patterns of the Samba , the Bossa Nova and the modern Partido alto appealed to him most of all. "Rhythm" as a driving force in the World Music as a whole kept fascinating him. So it was inevitable that Flamenco inspired him. Consequently he started taking lessons from Theo Molinaro, and continued with Rezar Dominguez in Maastricht.... Currently Jim plays jazz, Latin and Flamenco from time to time.

Jim is a guitarteacher at "Artamuse", an institute for music and dance in Sittard-Geleen and runs his own school : Guitarworld in Houthem - St. Gerlach in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul. He also works as a "freelance musician".

He performed with several musicians and artists like Andreas Müller, Manny Hilger, Pitty Fröschen, Mitch Caanen, Frans Vink, Harald Pelzer, Nicole Claussen, Fer Visser, Peter van Kempen, Lou Fijten, Hans Hoffman, Jan Hallema, Bart Spits, Peter Notermans, Roy van Ginsel, Roel Pastoor, Patrick Smits, Alouis Koch, Theo Molinaro, Annemiek Lebens - Kusters and many more.

At the time he plays with his new band, "Mistura". Mistura (Mixture) plays Brazilian classic jazz. with Mieke van Lith, vocals and percussion, Wim Kleinen on the double-bass and Bart Spits on drums and percussion.

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