Band Instruction


To play in a band

How to put together a band : The electric guitar, the bass guitar, the drums, the keyboard and not in the least, the human voice. What is accompaniment about and how to improvise as a lead guitarist? What is your position in the band? Are you the rhythm guitarist or the lead guitarist? A closer look at the rhythm section and the presentation of the band. To play in a different pace, meter or style, etc. The use of the metronome; alf time, double time, shuffle, jazz feel.


To play a rhythm with "even eights" "swing" or "Brazilian Latin" feel. Rhythm as a vehicle is to be considered part of a certain style . Moreover, it has to do with interpretation.

To play chord progressions

Chord symbols and form. To start improvising by using scales, arpeggio's, triads, pentachords , motives and melodic extensions etc. To develop the ability to hear chord changes and play melodic lines by using effective notes e.g. chord tones and guide tones to outline the harmonic structure of the chord progression. The electric, opposed to the acoustic guitar and their role in a band.

Sound-effects, sound control, feedback, amplifying techniques. P.A. system, monitering, microphones, cables and connections, the computer in music - recording, back ups, accessories etc.

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